Board of Directors

The volunteers of the Mettle Multisport Board work to create the programs, events and other activities for the club.

Michael Gladstone President Mettle MultisportMichael Gladstone - President

In 2012, after having spent 10 years or so on the couch, a friend of mine told me it was time to get in to shape, and that that was going to happen by me doing a triathlon. I thought he was crazy, but he told me that I had until that evening to register for a race, and that'd he'd register me for it even if I didn't. That afternoon I pulled my (old, steel) mountain bike out of the garage and went for a ride. That evening, I got a note from my friend asking if I'd registered yet. I gave in and registered. And the rest is history!

Triathlon is, by its nature, a very individual sport. (In fact, that's one of the reasons why it's fit me so well.) But, for me, it's been incredibly important having a club to train with. In addition to the coaching, having clubmates is invaluable: people to not only share the long hours of training with, but to help you enjoy that feeling at the finish line.

In 2013 we created Mettle Multisport to be a true triathlon/multisport club, created by athletes, for athletes, and run by athletes. I look forward to helping the club grow and introducing many new people to the world of triathlon...even if I have to pull them off the couch myself!



Leela D'Cruz Director Programs Mettle MultisportLeela D'Cruz - Treasurer

Years of experience have taught me that I need a goal or work-out buddy to keep me training and motivated. When I moved my family back to Toronto in late 2013, I met a couple of Mettle Multisport members. They were friendly, dedicated and supportive and it turned out this reflected the entire club. What a great way for me to get back into shape, continue training and meet new people.
A part of the Board of Directors, I want to see Mettle Multisport grow while continuing to embrace this great culture, encouraging athletes of all levels to come out for their health, to reach personal fitness goals, to make new friends and enjoy some amazing workshops.
Steven London - Secretary
Funny things happen at Canadian Tire.  Two years ago I was a fairly regular Mettle participant, competing in two events and benefiting greatly from the club's off-season and regular workout programs.  As is often the case, life sometimes gets in the way of other things, and my involvement in the club last year consisted of paying my membership fees and signing up for workouts I didn't attend.  I did manage to power my way through a few events last season, but hardly performed at the level I knew I could have performed at had I been a bit more diligent in getting out to the programs.  In January of this year I ran into Michael Gladstone at Canadian Tire, and after he listened to me bemoaning how I couldn't get out to anything last year, he told me to just come out that night to swimming, no excuses.  I did, and continue to go, and am now feeling like I'm back in a groove.  Group workouts run by qualified coaches are a huge benefit to anyone looking to try the sport.  
I have been involved on non-profit Boards for over 15 years, and believe that my experience will benefit the club.  I look forward to a successful year!
In recognition of their significant volunteer efforts as members of the Mettle Multisport Board, board members receive a 25% discount on program registration fees in their first year serving on the Board, and a 50% discount on program registration fees in subsequent years of Board service.