Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club Off-Season Workouts

Fun in the snow!Don't get stuck in the cold, pick up your tools and get moving!  It's time to toil. It's time to get back to the guts of triathlon, the techniques, the tricks, the work...the suffering!!  Yes, you may not feel it yet, but your bodies crave this muscle aching, tear jerking, high powered all out training.  Don't deny yourself, start now!

Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club workouts are geared towards individuals of all levels and we especially welcome youth and beginner participation as indoor programming offers a secure and structured environment.  

If you're not yet a member, come try us out!

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Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club 2016/2017 Off-Season Programs

Note:  Costs listed below do not include HST or the cost of Mettle Multisport membership. You must have a Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club membership in order to participate. Costs are as of January 1, 2017.

All Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club workouts are sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario to ensure your safety.



Outdoor Run

Saturdays:  8:30am - 10:00am 

Schwartz/Reisman Centre (9600 Bathurst Street, north of Rutherford)

The benefits of running outdoors are plenty, but the benefits of a fully coached and progressive running program are what helps runners become true masters. The goal of this program is to build a solid foundation over the winter months in preparation for racing season.  Workouts will include cross country strength and endurance drills, hills repeats, and outdoor running techniques.  We will utilize different outdoor surfaces including rolling grassy (or snowy) hills, gravel, packed dirt, and trails.  Each week will bring different and interesting challenges, but what makes this program special is the benefit of having others out there with you during the cold winter days. 

Schwarz/Reisman Centre (SRC) Members: $75; non-SRC Members: $100


Swimming for Triathlon 

Sundays:  6:00am - 7:30am - Starts October 2, 2016

Thursdays:  6:00am - 7:30am - Starts October 6, 201

Schwartz/Reisman Centre (9600 Bathurst Street, north of Rutherford)

This program will concentrate on the swimming skills that are unique to triathlon.  Swim sessions will focus on technique for triathlon beginning with proper body positioning and alignment, proper catch in the water, breathing, and swim cadence. Throughout the program there will be triathlon specific drills addressing drafting, sighting, starts and finishes as well as pack swimming, (both the mental and physical aspects). The program will progress to include small endurance sets aimed at building endurance while introducing quicker paces to increase aerobic capacity.  Underwater video and other technological methods may be used for stroke analysis. 

Schwarz/Reisman Centre (SRC) Members: $180; non-SRC Members: $255 (cost is per day, not total for two days/workouts)


Indoor Cycle and Stretching 

Tuesdays:  8:00pm - 10:00pm - Starts October 18, 2016

Schwartz/Reisman Centre (9600 Bathurst Street, north of Rutherford)

This combination workout has proven to be extremely successful with many individuals crediting their racing season successes to the base of fitness that was achieved from this program.  

The evening will start with the cycling portion, with workouts focusing on cycling techniques including body positioning, core engagement, and sitting and standing positions. The program works through speed and interval training with cadence and high workload sets.  The season will include time trials, hill repeats, timed tempos, and challenging endurance cycles that will combine all techniques required to be successful on the bike.

Following the cycle portion, the evening continues with a good stretching session to loosen up all those sore muscles!

Schwarz/Reisman Centre (SRC) Members: $180; non-SRC Members: $255


**All programs finish at the end of April 2017. You must remain a member of Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club and Triathlon Ontario as of April 1, 2017 to continue participating in programs through the month of April.