Who We Are

Club Members

Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club's goal is to provide members with solid training programs and athletic support in an environment that fosters positive energy, creates meaningful relationships, and allows individuals to achieve their goals while having tons of fun.  Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club is a not-for-profit club organized by highly motivated and passionate volunteers and its members are made up of individuals of all levels who are passionate about triathlon and all of the sports that it combines.

As a member of an organized and specialized club individuals are able to utilize the knowledge of qualified experienced coaches and to feed off of the motivation of others. The simple act of chatting about the upcoming half marathon or one's knee injury is what unites the group on a different level than just the workout alone. It is the effort we put into to our training that truly makes us the powerhouses we want to be during the racing season, but it is the camaraderie of the group that supports us as we strive to achieve our goals.  

Workouts with Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club are geared towards athletes of all skill levels and abilities, from beginners to seasoned athletes.  Designed with innovation, creativity, and enjoyment in mind, we strive to provide training that goes beyond your expectations to ensure your ongoing success.  Sessions include teaching specific elements of each individual sport so that athletes are fully prepared come race day.    

Member Testimonials

"Mettle Multisport has helped me take my performance to the next level.  With regular track work, bike time trials, and swim sets, I achieved a personal best at the World Championships in London, England.  The workouts are well planned with purpose and member goals in mind.  In addition, training an competing with a group makes the workouts much more fun and I have developed some friendships that I know will last a lifetime."

       - Susan -

"Being part of Mettle Multisport has been the best part of my triathlon journey.  Workouts are much more productive than being on my own and I know I have benefited by them as seen in my results.  I achieved a personal best, (and then another on top of that), in one summer.  The coaches and members are actually interested in my results each week, which is very motivating.  The best part of being a member of this club is the amazing group of people and sense of community - there was always someone there at the finish line, even when I was the last competitor.  Thank you Mettle!"

     - Michael -