Everyone needs a Coach

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For many aspiring triathletes, just "getting out there" and training is what they think they need. Unfortunately, particularly for those getting off the couch for the first time in a while, such an approach can quickly lead to injury, resulting in lost momentum before things even get started. On the other end of the spectrum, most amature athletes - at least those looking to compete in races shorter than half Iron distances - don't need the services of individualized triathlon coaching, but realize they need or want something more than just showing up and doing a workout.

Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club offers professional coaching at all group workouts - swims, bikes and runs - tailored to the needs of individual athletes. Coaches are also available to provide support as a guide to workout schedules themselves and other topics. By providing individualized coaching within a group workout and the club, athletes are able to obtain the level of coaching needed through all stages of their development.

Image result for coachingGroup workout coaching includes:

  • The coaches work to set annual training phases (base; build; speed; race season) and monthly phases (build phases plus a recovery week each month)
  • The coaches will identify specific courses and routes for tempo runs and cycling, in order to train specific aspects of each discipline
  • The coaches identify specific workouts to train specific aspects (e.g. hill rides and runs; cycling and running time trials)
  • When you arrive at a workout, a coach will assign you to a group based on your ability, your training and race goals, and other parameters
  • The coach will assign specific targets for each group (e.g. specific interval and recovery times for each group on a run; specific distances for each group on a ride)
  • The coach will provide individualized feedback to athletes (e.g. pacing; running form; cycling cadence)
  • The coach will provide educational information applicable to the specific workout (e.g. proper gear shifting and cadence for differing terrain on the bike)

Outside of workout, coaching includes:

  • Coaches provide advice on injury prevention and recovery
  • Coaches are available to provide athletes with information on nutrition
  • Coaches are available to provide athletes with information on training and racing goals
  • Coaches provide guidance, warmups and other support at club races

Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club's coaches provide the support athletes need at a competitive price with our group workouts. Get the individualized attention you need and want at an affordable price!

Mettle Multisport Triathlon Club coaches also provide Personal Triathlon Training for athletes looking for a fully-customized and individualized program.